Hanbury Arms

Drinking with Mr Punch

By Mike Stone, Entertainer

"This is the Hanbury Arms in Kemp Town, Brighton's Latin Quarter. It's a lovely building. It looks just like the Pavilion; it's got those lines and that little turret thing at the top. I used to drink there, with Mr Punch, when I lived in Kemp Town, and it's full of artists of every kind, from poets to Punch and Judy men."

Photo:Hanbury Arms, Kemptown

Hanbury Arms, Kemptown

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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Jan used to be a bar maid in Hanbury Arms. I drank in there sometimes and lived round the corner in Eastern Terrace. I was the caretaker at the halls of residence.
By Andy (19/02/2006)

We drank here when Alan and Heather ran the place and Jan was the barmaid.

By Bob and Janet (27/02/2007)

I do remenber this place, I used to work next door in the French Restaurant so called "Le Fran├žais", Paston Place. (late 70's, early 80's).

By Jean-Luc (31/12/2008)

My father used to work as a doorman at this pub in the evenings, working as a carpenter during the day. At that time it was run by the Whittington family (1970s). He'd have been known as 'Jock' (being a scotsman) or (William) Bill Meldrum. He'd sometimes take to the stage in the lower bar and sing some songs (had a good voice for Tom Jones numbers). I had my first drink of beer (under-age at the time, 15) and played my first game of american pool there.

By Peter (02/05/2009)

I remember my father call this the Bombay Bar, when I was a child in the 50s.

By Elaine (27/05/2009)