The Humpty Dumpty Restaurant

Do you remember where it was?

By Adam Johnson

I recall my father taking me there during the early 70's. Althought it was nothing special, just a greasy cafe serving egg and chips, my childhood memories are of the precarious journey to the toilet in between the ground and first floor.

A very precarious building
As you came to the top of the first landing, there was no back to the building. You turned immediately left and into a cubicle with partial floorboards and a hardboard wall. If I remember rightly, the toilet was just blanced on the floorboards!! Looking back, despite the fact that it has such an impact on my childhood, I am surprised that the local council never had much input on the services provided. I'm glad to see some things don't change!!

A 'crack house' prior to demolition
So, where was the Humpty Dumpty Restaurant? I may be wrong, but I was positive it was in North Road where the new library is being built. Its last purpose was as a 'crack house' prior to demolition and I'm sure as I walked past I could identify the room where the toilet used to be.

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My father used to take us to the Humpty Dumpty Restaurant, it was located in West Street, Brighton.
By Amanda (02/04/2006)

I have a picture of a Humpty-Dumpty Drive-In Restaurant Sign. Location Unknown. I found in an estate sale box. If you are interested in it, before I put it on ebay with a bunch of other restaurant pictures. Please contact me.

By Vanessa (01/05/2007)

Humpty Dumpty was indeed in West Street, in the late 1960s early 1970s.

By Alan Phillips (16/10/2007)

I still remember the restaurant, and a quote (read on a desk at college in 1998): "Humpty dumpty set on a wall, humpty and dumpty had a great fall... and all the king's horses, and all the king' s men, couldn't put humpty dumpty together again". sending you lots of love, Nina (scriptwriter)

By NOONe Inc., Filmproduction, Austria, Salzburg (08/09/2009)

Humpty Dumpty was on the East side of West Street. I remember their pancakes with icecream and maple Syrup

By PeterW (21/04/2010)

I was only talking about the Humpty Dumpty Cafe yesterday. Had the tomato shaped ketchup bottles. My dad took me there fortnightly.

By Sharon (05/01/2014)

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