Comments about this page
This is a very good web page and the whole website is very good.
By Karly Clevett (21/10/2003)
A great site all round. Just thought I would add a note saying I kept the Evening Argus 'Hurricane' pull-out they did with pictures and stories.
By Andrew Rough (23/02/2004)
You have a brilliant website and the pictures are amazing!!
By Darren Holes (21/09/2004)
This page is very good, relating to my GCSE coursework, but more facts and figures would help.
By Lydia North (18/01/2005)
An interesting site, but could we please have details of the last major storm to hit the South East, as mentioned above?
By Geoff (31/10/2005)
You have a brilliant website but the colours are really dull.
By Mille Matthews (07/03/2006)

Hi, I would like to see photos from the Argus pullout. I had five pics in it and need them!

By Tojo Melville (15/10/2015)