Hurricane, 1987

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Glad it was not 12 hours earlier!

By Joyce Cobbett, Bevendean Resident.

It was on a Thursday night between two and four. I remember it was a Thursday night because if it had been twelve hours earlier it would have caught me out with my ambulance with my stroke patients, so it was a blessing it happened when it did. To be perfectly honest I was asleep! I don't generally sleep very well, but that night I slept between two and four! I wondered what on earth was going on because I went to put the light on at four and there was no electricity. There were trees down everywhere there really were trees down everywhere. Yes we had a whole line of trees along here [park surrounding Bevendean BECCA centre] and the hurricane brought them down.

Interviewed for the website by Zoƫ Woods for the Lesser-Heard Voices Project, 2003
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