Infinity Foods

Photo:Infinity Foods, North Road

Infinity Foods, North Road

Nuts about fruit and veg

By Ray and Raquel, Kiwi tourists

This is the Infinity Foods shop. It's the first of its kind we have seen whilst in England. There's obviously a real group of health conscious people in Brighton and it's good to see such a fresh supply of organically grown fruit and vegetables as well as a huge range of pulses and nuts and beans and things and calabrese - they were wonderful. It's obviously well patronised because it was very busy and very lively inside.

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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As I understand it, Infinity Foods has been operating in Brighton since 1971. It is a workers' co-operative and members who work there have a share in the company. A Brighton Institution.
By John Holmes (20/07/2004)
I love Infinity Foods - they have a really good range, including products designed to appeal to children. The prices are good too - organic food is more expensive than its chemically adulterated equivalent - but Infinity seem to make an effort to keep prices reasonable.
By Andrea Turrell (22/10/2004)

This is fantastic - this was a shop that my Gx3 Grandfather resided at in the 1850's - would anyone by chance have a photo of the shop from the the late 1800's? He was an Egg Merchant named Henry Gates.

By Stephen Gates (18/06/2009)