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What about the Sudeley cinema, which now is converted into flats? I was a regular there in the late thirties and saw many films, including serials which were popular then, though I cannot remember any titles.
By Bob Green (08/11/2004)
I lived until 4 years old in Whippingham Road, and a lot of my ancestors came from Kemp Town. My great grandmother, Charlotte Phillips, was born in Cavendish Street in 1849, and returned to the same street where she died in 1918. Her father, William Phillips, was a greengrocer when she was born. Have you any historical details of this street?
By Vic Phillips (16/01/2005)
As a kid growing up on the Bristol Estate, Kemp Town was an area I frequented a lot. I used to pass the Sudeley cinema all the time and would love the 'colorful' posters outside. Most of these seemed to be for adult films. They used to make my day on the way to and from the seafront.
By Simon James (08/04/2005)
I remember the cinema in Sudeley Street, but it was called the Continental, at least in the fifties and sixties, when I was growing up. I went there once with my class to see Henry V, an old film even then, starring Laurence Olivier. But being only 12, I didn't really appreciate it. The cinema was lit with gas mantles - very quaint and old-fashioned!
By Sylvia Schwarz (11/05/2005)
London born - I was brought as a 4 year old to Roedean to escape the bombs. I lived there and schooled at Black Rock Primary till 1945 when we moved to Essex Street. Though missing the Downs, I revelled in the seafront. Volks railway carriages were stored under the lower esplanade. I had a season ticket to the Lido and played in water with Eddie - the son of a black comedian. Many friends in the area, including meeting Max Miller. I still miss Banjo Groyne.
By John Sullivan (03/10/2005)
Just a quick story about the Odeon - my dad was in there when it was hit. His friend was killed, my dad was about 12. My mum and dad lived in Bute Street for about 46 years - and I used to walk past the station every day. I also remember Kemp Town brewery.
By Les Thomson (09/10/2005)
My grandmother was born in 1873 in Kemp Town at Number 2 Essex Street Stables. Does this street still exist and is there any historical information on the stables itself?
By Frank Coulter (22/03/2006)
I'm trying to find out what happened to the area around Dorset Place as a big chunk has been redeveloped. On maps it appears that Cavendish Street could have run right through to Edward Street; can't find any evidence of this but there are lines of old walls and drains dotted about. Does anyone know if this site was among the casualties of the bombs in '43 and if so what was there before?
By Mark (16/04/2006)
Has anybody any photos or memories of the Kemp Town Brewery? I visited and stayed at the brewery a lot in the late 1950s. My Uncle Reg and Auntie Eve lived and worked at the old brewery and I have many happy memories of my stays in Brighton. Does anybody remember my uncle and aunt or their son Micheal? My Aunt Eve had a sister who lived in Brighton in Lower Rock Gardens, her name was Winnie and she had a son called David.
By Ray Walkling (13/06/2006)

We lived in Princess Terrace and our house was demolished by a bomb in June 1940. My grandmother was killed but our younger family escaped. This was the first mainland bombing of the war.

By Wendy Hargreaves (22/01/2007)

I currently work in the Co-op in Kemptown. I have heard stories of this premises being haunted by a children that where supposedly killed by their grandmother. Can anyone shed any light on this story?

By James Green (10/06/2007)

I have lived in Kemp Town  for over 30 years, now in the converted Mews that was once the Kemp Town  brewery. I would like to know more about Chapel Terrace Mews. Any info please contact me or call me on 07890 836734, please.

By Geoff Weiner (08/05/2008)

I lived in Kemp Town during the late fifties and sixties in St Georges Terrace. I worked at the Kemp Town Brewery on the dray's. Alfie Miles was my cellar man and Albert Mitchell, trouncer. I stayed with KTB even after they moved to Newhaven.

By Ron Newsam (04/06/2008)

I recently 'discovered' the My Brighton & Hove site quite by chance, and posted a message looking for people that I worked with at Kemp Town Brewery (Wine & Sprits Dept) in Montague Place. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the exact site where I posted! Is there any way you tell me what the site was?
Editor's note: Have searched for your postings and nothing comes up under your name.  Perhaps the best thing to do would be to either add a comment on one of the relevant pages - or post a query on the Message Board.

By John Adams (06/09/2009)

This is for Ron Newsam. Hi Ron, you don't know me but you might know my uncle John. Known as Jack Groves, he was a brewer's foreman in the 1950s - but I am not sure it was Kemp Town brewery. Any info would appreciated, many thanks.

By Richard F Groves (24/10/2009)

I have written about my memories at KTB Ltd from 1941 to 1964. Would anyone like to read them, quite a few pages?

By Mr Dennis Clark (26/05/2011)

My Grandfather owned the College Brewery later the Rock Brewery then Kemp Town Brewery. J A Body was an England International Rugby player 1872/73 England v Scotland. The London Oval and Glasgow formed the very successful London Gypsies RFClub then the Brighton Wasps who amalagmated with the Brighton Shoolflies to become Brighton Town Rugby Club now the Brighton Blues RFC. He lived with his 10 children and servants at 10 Cromwell College Brewery, 13 then 15, Montague Place 1854+ North & Marshal 1855/71 Marshall, Charles 1872/79 Hilder & Body 1880/81 Body, J.A. 1882/94 Hodges & Ritchie 1895/1900 Willett, William & Son 1901 taken over by Rock Brewery Brighton Ltd and used as a store by them and later by Kemp Town Brewery . Demolished in 1988

By Ivor Body (26/06/2011)

This is for Dennis Clark. I started work at KTB in Aug 1962 in the Vehicle Workshop at age 15 yrs. I transferred to Newhaven in Sept 1965 and was made redundant in May 1993. My stepfather Harry Skinner also worked at KTB as a checker until he retired 1960/61. I would like to read your memories at KTB. By John Lander (11/8/2011)

By John Lander (12/08/2011)

My great great grandparents, George and Ann Humphrey, were beer retailers at Eastern Terminus Inn, 168, Eastern Road, Kemp Town, from 1891 to 1899, which closed in 1904. I am trying to trace photos of this tavern - probably connected with Kemp Town Station. Also greengrocers shops at 31, Upper Bedford Street and 3/5 Park Road East where the same family traded between 1861 and 1881.

By john wickens (04/09/2012)

Chapel Terrace Mews was once part of 'The Kemp Town Brewery', the Mews courtyard had out-buildings and was used to house the drays and horses with a coopers in the cobble-stoned yard. It was re-developed in 1973-4 by one Godfrey Parker (see the Argus archives about him).

By GG Weiner (10/10/2014)

Hi, could Ron Newsam contact me about his work for the Kemp Town Brewery in the Mews. I would like to know if thereare any  archives especially any old photos of the Mews. If there are any photos out there of Chapel Terrace Mews (prior to its redevelopment) I would appreciate you getting in touch. I will of course pay for any expenses incurred.

By G.G. Weiner (14/10/2014)

Hi everyone, my husband's 2x grandmother is listed on the 1851 census as living at 1, Kemp Street. Where is this? I can't find on Google maps....

By Kathleen (10/03/2015)

Kemp Street runs between Trafalgar Street and Gloucester Road. From Brighton Station go down Trafalgar St and it will be third on the right a little below the famous Toy Museum.

By Tim Sargeant (11/03/2015)

Hi Kathleen, Kemp Street runs from Trafalgar Street to Gloucester Lane and can readily be found on googlemaps by typing it into the search box. It was notorious for being the scene of the Brighton Trunk Murder. Regards, Andy

By Andy Grant (11/03/2015)

Good morning Andy, many thanks for your reply re Kemp St murder - how intriguing! I found the Kemp St yesterday while on visit in Brighton. My husband's 2x great grandmother lived at number 1. She is a washer woman, her husband a cobbler dies in 1857 aged 27yrs and she is left to bring up the children. Any Murrell people left in Brighton?

By Kathleen (13/03/2015)

Hi, my father worked for Kemp Town Brewery for many years. He worked in Eastern Road, we lived in Montague Place. His name was Reg Briggs. His brother Jack worked for KTB down Seymour Street. He also moved to Newhaven then took early retirement. Does anybody have any photos of Eastern Road depot please? Kind regards, Paul.

By Paul Briggs (24/07/2016)

I lived in Kemptown with my parents and twin sister Gloria. Also my brother Lyell. We were there in the 30s/40s and 50s. My father used to work for a private hire cab co, Brotax, who were in College Place. We lived in the two up/two down house attached to the Garage. I have been back doing a walkabout of the area. I  noticed that the garage area is now a mews. Anybody out there remember this? 

By Sylvia Pickett (nee Stephens) (25/07/2017)