Image of Mackie Avenue ca. 1960

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Photo:North end of Mackie Avenue.

North end of Mackie Avenue.

Photo sent by Martin Nimmo 25-01-03

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We always called this circular island at the end of Mackie Avenue, 'The Dewpond'. I suppose because it was round.
By Brian Richards (22/01/2004)
Great to see the place where I grew up and had an amazing childhood. Played football on the roundabout with my childhood mates. My best mate, Nevil Gilling, lived in the bungalow seen on the left hand side - no. 274. We all moved in there around 1970ish.
By James Firth - Haydon (03/03/2004)

My family and I lived at 173 Mackie Avenue during the 1970s and 1980s. Great to see this island where we played, we built camps and were free. I remember Neville too! At our house were,Rod and Jen, Lisa, Carol, Edward, Robin and Jimi; all now living in Lincolnshire.

By Carol Whiteman (31/12/2006)

I also remember Carol Whiteman from above - as her brother Edward (Eddie) was one of my mates, he then moved to Lincolnshire when I was about 13/14 and left a big hole there (Not literally - of course). I lived at 246, opposite 173 and it was the greatest place to grow up in and like Carol said we were free - until Mum said it was time to come in for tea that is...

By James Firth-haydon (25/11/2008)

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