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Photo:A view of the Mackie Estate and the Downs.

A view of the Mackie Estate and the Downs.

Photo sent by Martin Nimmo 25-01-03

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If my memory serves me correctly, this picture is taken from the top of Braborne Avenue?
By Terence Mills (22/06/2003)
This view is certainly from Braybon Avenue. We always considered the name of the estate to be the Ferguson Estate after the name of the builder who developed the area. He was a strong Scottish Presbyterian, hence the Scottish names to the avenues and some strict rules which determined which types of businesses could be run in the area.
By Brian Richards (22/01/2004)
Mr Ferguson lived in the large white house at the top of Ladies Mile Road almost opposite Sunnydale Avenue. It has a distinctive green tile roof and overlooks the whole of the estate. During WW2, the green house which extended the length of the high northwest wall was a small factory producing parts for sten guns. My brother Stanley worked there before he was called up for national service. Mr Ferguson used to provide a huge bonfire and fireworks on 5th Nov for all residents on the field above the house, which is where the line of bungalows are. His fleet of Bedford lorries were the first seen around Patcham. I think they were all painted bright orange. Before them all the work on the roads etc. used large cart horses with tipper carts.
By Tony Smithard (05/03/2004)
I went to the White House nursery school in about 1988. I'm not sure what it is now though I only went past it about 6 months ago
By Tim Banham (04/02/2005)
I went to the White House in the 90s. I think it's still some kind of nursery, maybe for special needs.
By Jamie (03/05/2005)

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