Max Miller

Photo:Johnnie Walker cricket scoreboard

Johnnie Walker cricket scoreboard

From the private collection of Gordon Dean

Photo:Gordon Dean, aged about 6

Gordon Dean, aged about 6

From the private collection of Gordon Dean

Max on cricket

By Gordon Dean

On the Aquarium Terraces, below where the Van Alen building is now, there used to be a Johnnie Walker cricket scoreboard, so that people on the beach could keep up with the progress of the England v Australia Test Match.

'Bradman's a bloody nuisance'
I remember, when I was about 6 years old, walking past this scoreboard with Max Miller. As we passed, he said "I see Bradman's still in" and I asked, "What's Bradman?". Max said, "Bradman's a bloody nuisance, that's what Bradman is!" I remember a couple laughing as they overheard this exchange, and they were still giggling as they carried on down the road.

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