Max Miller

Max on horseback

By Gordon Dean

This photograph shows Max Miller riding at the Wild Park, at the back of Stanmer Park. The farm was owned by the West family. The name on the carriage at the back says F. West, Warren Farm.

One of the horses from Warren Farm was called Coco and fell into the ditch and had to be destroyed.

Photo:Max Miller on horseback

Max Miller on horseback

From the private collection of Gordon Dean

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Comments about this page

What an amazing comedian Max Miller was. Why can't comedians be like him today? He was a one-off.

By Richard Adamski (06/06/2008)

My maiden name was West. Max Miller's mum was my Grandad's sister, my dad's cousin.

By Anne Glow (15/04/2012)

I was told by my Dad that his Mum was Max Miller's cousin. Her name was Maggie.

By Andrew Lewis (17/04/2012)

After asking the family, it turns out that my Gran's dad's mum (Caroline West) was Max's mum's sister!

By Andrew Lewis (22/04/2012)

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