Meeting House Lane

Photo:Meeting House Lane, Brighton

Meeting House Lane, Brighton

It's like stepping back in time

By Ray and Raquel, Kiwi tourists

This is Meeting House Lane, which has many jewellers and antique shops. I am a great fan of antiques and jewellery and this lane in particular had what seemed to be hundreds of little tiny jewellery shops. It is obviously one of the older parts of the city and it's obviously got a lot of historical background around this particular area. I think walking along here was like stepping back in time. It was lovely in that it just accommodates pedestrians and there aren't cars and other modes of transport whizzing past.

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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I worked in one of the jewellery shops for about a year in 1997. Though my job was to do the books, I also helped out on the shop front on occasions. We used get all sorts coming in, from casual browsers to drunks trying to get out of the rain. Robberies were an occasional hazard though I never had the misfortune to be in the shop when one happened. One night someone threw a drain cover throught the shop window. Fun! Graham Greene, where are you now?
By Anonymous (13/05/2004)

On the 1861 census Francis and Sarah Bushby (nee Wells) lived at 21 Meeting House Lane with his two daughters from a previous marriage and also 77 year old Elizabeth Bassett, his first mother-in-law who was deaf. Francis was my great grandfather.

By Judi Swinsco (18/11/2007)

I have a pretty etching of Meeting House Lane, Brighton by G.H.Bly, 3" x 5". I am interested to know if this artist is known to anyone, many thanks.

By Christine Tozer (21/01/2008)

Where on the map is Meeting House Lane? And does anyone know what was at No. 18 in 1871?

By June (22/03/2009)

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