Newark Place

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I lived with my family on the corner of Newark Place and Albion Hill. At the top of Newark Place there was a place where the rag and bone man stabled his horses. Further down the street was the dairy where Jock the milkman had his milk ready for delivery. Then there were more sheds etc and us right on the corner.

By Eunice Pike (14/06/2009)

Eunice, were you once Pittam? If so, we used to walk to school together to  Pelham St.

By Patricia Downer (13/08/2009)

Yes Patricia, my name was Pittam. What was your maiden name?

By Eunice Pike (21/07/2010)

My mother was born and bought up in the house on the corner of Newark and Albion Hill, from the 1800s up till when my Grandmother died in the late 1940s. She was living in the house when the pub across the road was bombed by a daylight raider. She was stone deaf and was at the back of her house and did not know anything had happened until a policeman came to see if she was alright.

By Ken Burt (31/07/2011)

I lived in Lincoln Cottages, and as children we would have a ride on the horse and cart - the horse was called Jeanie. It was wonderful to read about Newark Place. It brought back great memories.

By ColinTaylor (07/07/2013)

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