Norman Foord's wartime diary

1940: Diary beginnings

By Norman Foord

I can't remember it but, having read the introduction I wrote in 1940, it seems our teacher asked us all to keep a wartime diary. Strangely, mine survived.

It's been in various lofts, houses, bookcases, and what have you and I suppose it was about 10 years ago that I decided to take copies and put one into the Brighton Library Archive. Having done that I heard nothing at all until a lady called Sally Blann contacted me to ask if I was the Norman Foord who wrote this diary and she enclosed a copy of the first page. Well it was, so we started from there. Since then it's been used at the Whitehawk Primary School and in the Brighton Archive.

I had to write this diary until the school was evacuated in 1941. It outlines events and everyday happenings very much as seen through the eyes of a 10-year old. What we had to eat and what we did, the bombers and the aeroplanes, the games we played. Many pages about the puzzles that the teachers set us to do in our spare time. It's just a general 10-year old's view of life in those days.

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