North Road Baths

Photo:The North Road baths under construction in 1895

The North Road baths under construction in 1895

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

A traditional Victorian establishment

By Martin Nimmo

Long since demolished and replaced by a more modern swimming centre, North Road Baths was a traditional Victorian establishment (run by the Corporation), accessed from North Road through an archway. The swimming bath itself was unremarkable, being white-tiled, but it had single white wooden changing cabins on at least two sides (probably on three, possibly on four). Unlike the King Alfred Baths in Hove, which were comparatively modern, airy and filled with sea-water, this was filled with fresh water. My father chose it, and an ex-Royal Navy instructor, for my swimming lessons when I was about nine - the instructor gave up eventually!

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I was born and grew up in Brighton in the 1940s-1950s and spent my youth in North Road swimming baths. The changing rooms were on two sides only (not three or four). One side for girls, the other side for boys.
By Roy Davis (24/08/2006)

My great grandfather (George Pope) was the manager of the baths when they were built and lived with his family there according to the 1891 census. My grandmother (Florence) taught swimming there (early 1900s) prior to her marriage and emigration to Australia.

By Donald Howell (25/11/2011)

So well remember these baths, used to go there in the 40s and 50s tried to learn to swim but eventually did so in the sea after the war. Also re changing cubicles I seem to remember they had a bottom half wooden door and a curtain across the top half. I think the boys were on the right as you looked towards the deep end and yes, the girls across the pool.

By Ken Ross (25/11/2011)

I'm sure I've written a comment on here before about spending lots of time here. But why is there a gap of five years between the first two comments?

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By Anne Newman (26/11/2011)

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