Pool Valley

Hot bread rolls - 2d, old money

By John C Sharratt

My Pool Valley brings back some memories! I went to Clarks Commercial College. It was in an old hotel across the Old Steine and at play time we would cross over the road, and there was a side street that led into Pool Valley. There was a old bakery shop and we would get hot bread rolls - 2d, old money. Boy, I can smell them even now! This was back in the mid-1940s. Happy days! I´m coming up for 70 years old. I was born in Hove but lived in Portslade right through the war. I remember the bombing and many more memories.

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My uncle 'Trigger' Bishop was an inspector on the Southdown buses at Pool Valley just after the Second World War. I always got a free ride and I always thought he had the most polished shoes I had ever seen as he used to burnish them with a chain inside a polishing rag every night ready for the next day. No trainers in them days!
By Patrick Collins (10/02/2000)

The hot bread rolls at 2d a go are of interest to me. I was born in 1946 and by then my grandfather was retired I believe. He was a baker and often told of his bakery in Pool Valley and how he took his horse and cart along the seafront selling hot bread and 'the bakers dozen' rolls to all the big houses and hotels. I don't know what years this may have covered. Anyone know more? His name was Ransom.

By Sandra (27/12/2008)

I would think that the 'old bakery shop' that John Sharratt refers to was probably 'Ye Olde Bunn Shoppe' at 9/10 Pool Valley. The business was owned and run for many years by my great, great grandfather, Francis Cowley. The earliest record that I have of him living in Pool Valley is from the 1861 census. After his death in 1881 his daughter, Caroline, took over and even obtained a Royal Warrant. Caroline died in 1934 but I have no record of what happened to the business after this date. (You can see more details on my family history web site at www.cowleyfamily.org.uk)

By Peter Cowley (09/01/2010)

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