A photograph of the chimney

By Bob Carden

This is the chimney in Portslade - a very early photograph.  At the top of the hill is Portslade recreation ground.

Photo:Photo showing the chimney, Portslade

Photo showing the chimney, Portslade

From the private collection of Bob Carden

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In my boyhood (1950s) Victoria recreation ground was always known as 'the rec', while the park you refer to was known as Easthill.
By Colin Richardson (21/10/2003)

Growing up in that area, I also remember - the Rec, Easthill, Courthope and the allotments. My brother Sean played football for Courthope - Easthill and Portslade Wednesday. He went to New Zealand where he married a second generation New Zealand girl who worked in The Mill - they had 2 girls and a boys (who is not at interested in football but cars). Sean still continued to play, coach and ref football. Sadly he died 2 years last April of a massive heart attack. He had returned several times and loved the area. We often talked about the place as we both lived overseas. There will always be a place.

By Cait O'Shea (15/05/2004)
I also played for Courthope when it was Portslade United, a team brought together by Wally Thompson who was the centre leader at the time (1963) and a few of us lads! Was this the Bob Carden who actually used to referee my premier Sunday league games for Hangleton at Buckingham Park?
By Dave Barcock (15/07/2005)
I also grew up in that area, and remember the Courthope Centre etc. My father, John Holden, also played a lot of soccer (and refereed). Perhaps you may remember the 'Holdens' of Portstlade. Sadly my father passed away a few years back, and my mother, Olive, a few months ago. My sister still lives in Portslade and I have very fond memories.
By Roger Holden (27/08/2005)
Sunday Football at Buckingham Park. I have just returned from a reunion with the Old Hangletonians who pretty much started Sunday football in Sussex. Most of the games were against Stewart's Bacon Factory. I would be interested in contacting other players for reunions.
By Peter 'Tug' Wilson (09/09/2005)
Moving to North Road in Portslade village shortly, love the area and would love to know more about the history of the area. Anything at all like when and who built the village, the people who lived there etc. Many thanks if anyone can help.
By Nichola Evans (08/05/2006)

Colin Richardson and Roger Holden were I believe in my classes at St. Nicholas Junior Church of England school a long time ago. Nice to see your names. I have kept up with the Mile Oak page, as that was my 'home' for 19 years.

By Bonny Cother - Veronica Bentley (30/11/2006)

I took my son to Courthope today and suddenly realised that I went there 30 years ago! In 1978 when Grease had just come out we all used to dress up as Rydell girls or boys.....dance to the Bee Gees. Being there today really brought it all back. It now holds a Youth Club for 7-11 year olds on Friday afternoons. It hasn't changed a bit. I looked in the hall where I frquently got jilted when No More Heaven was played by the DJ! Memories!

By Helen Michael (03/02/2008)

Does anyone remember Albert, local character in the 60s and 70s?

By Neil Woolley (16/03/2008)

Neil, Yes, I remember Albert! He lived in Southdown Road with his Mum. If I remember correctly he used to do the rounds collecting money for the football pools. I believe you and I were in the same year at school together. Names I remember are Cherry Oliver, Gary Willard, Jackie Francis. I have some great memories of growing up in Portslade.

By Debbie Harris (nee Vinall) (18/03/2008)

Hi Debbie. Yes he did collect the pools, he also organised, ran and collected subs for a junior football team in which Gary Willard, Nigel Wareham and I played. I don't suppose he's still around. I do remember you and the others you named going to St. Nicks. I also remember the heavy snow in the winter of '67-'68 when your Mum saw a gaggle of wretched freezing youngsters home safely - I was one of them!  We had to walk as the buses were cancelled. I've still got my school report.
Browsing through the web, I hit on www.lancingpostcards.bn15 which shows the nativity cast of 1969. More names from the past; I'm sure one of the unnamed faces is Catherine Begbie and am fairly certain you are there as well - can you confirm? I didn't spot myself, either other acting commitments at the Old Vic deemed my understudy to stand in for me or I was egregiously inadequate as a thesp!

By Neil Woolley (24/03/2008)

Does  anybody  remember the Friday nights at Courthope in the 60s? When The Motion played there it was always packed. Mrs  Wright was in charge, Paul Carpenter I  think was the DJ on Monday nights. We also had holidays to Spain - driving there in the club's van and also went to Jersey one year. Very happy times.

By Tony Lidbetter (17/03/2009)

Helen Michael - you don't need to worry, nobody wanted to dance with me either, back in the good old days of 1969!

By Paul Edwards (17/10/2010)

Does anybody remember the Need who played at the Courthope Centre in the 60s? I was the bass player along with Brian Grant drums, Tom Winstanley guitar and Terry Akin vocals. Yes we are all still here and apart from Brian who lives abroad meet up on a Friday to play our music. Please if you have any photos that would be nice. 

By Neil Moore (16/09/2012)

In reply to an enquiry from Neil Moore: I used to go to the Courthope youth club, Portslade in the '60s and remember a band called 'The Need', who played there on a Friday there was another band called 'The Motion', who also played some Friday nights. I also went to St Nicholas school with Terry Aiken and Tommy Winstandley, former members of the band 'The Need'. I have a photo of the band, however not sure how to add it to this site? [Hello Janet. If you go to the home page there is a section called 'contributing to the site', which should help you with your query. Thank you for your contribution in advance! Editing Team] 

By Janet Ridge (28/01/2014)