Preston Manor

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Photo of the entrance to Preston Manor

Click to hear Jessica speak

Playing servants

By Jessica, schoolchild

"I took this shot because of the starchy look of the front entrance and the horse's steps. I went back there with my school and I played the servants. I was a kitchen-maid, and we made lemonade, and helped make marmalade, and rolled out the pastry. From the front entrance, it looks very neat and - everything would be in the right place - but when you go in there, it's sort of...well, a bit all over the place!"

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' museum exhibit
This page was added on 22/03/2006.
Comments about this page
We love the front view of the house and it looks so posh and neat. We wished we could play servants as well.
By Rebecca and Katie (07/01/2005)
I went on the same sort of trip to Preston Manor with my school many years ago. I remember my mum working till the early hours to get my chambermaid outfit ready! Great tour Jessica.
By Kelly (14/03/2005)
We got to do cooking with the housekeeper.
By Emma (20/05/2005)
I liked it when we cleaned the shoes and cleaned the posh bedroom.
By Shanice (20/05/2005)
It was a great place especially for children. And I would recommend it to other people.
By Isobel (20/05/2005)
I liked it when we made lemonade and cleaned the shoes.
By Harrison (20/05/2005)
I loved pretending to be a servant.
By Daisy (20/05/2005)
It was fun and I loved it.
By Ellie (20/05/2005)
I loved it baking some apples and looking in the graveyard.
By Harry (20/05/2005)
I liked Preston Manor because we got to make baked apples.
By Molly (20/05/2005)
It was a brilliant trip, I just wish it had a reenactment day.
By Amalie (17/04/2006)
My daughter went on a school trip where they dressed up and acted out the servant roles. Because she had a great time I took my other children and it was lovely. I grew up round the corner and spent a lot of time in the grounds and surrounding parks. It is a lovely day out, and don't miss a walk in the gardens and church yard.
By Claire Williams (04/05/2006)

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