Preston Park

Photo:Preston Park

Preston Park

A quiet place

by Rhodie Campbell

My favourite place is probably Preston Park because it's really clean and looks nice. Also I have so many memories of all my mates down there, and I can pretty much guarantee if I just went down there I'd see someone I knew. Sometimes it does get boring though, and there isn't much interesting stuff you can do if you haven't got any money."

'I was born in Brighton and have lived here for most of my life so far. I am 15 years old. I enjoy living here because there are a variety of things to do e.g. I can go down the beach, into town, to a park, cinema etc. It's quite good because it's relatively easy to get around, and there's quiet places people can go to if they want to e.g. parks, or you can go somewhere busy e.g. town.

From the 'Lesser Heard Voices' project, 2003
Interviewed for the website on 12.07.03
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