Preston Park Station

A lesson in life

By Brian Smith

I was born in Hampstead Road, Brighton - near Preston Park. The road, from what I remember, runs between the upper level of Dyke Road, and down to Preston Park station, on the London-Brighton train route.

As a youngster, around 4 years of age, being an avid train fan (still am!) I was totally engrossed in the site of a train entering the station, with my mother by my side. So into the exciting scene was I, that I was bewildered by another express, coming from the opposite direction!

This, in a way, taught me a valuable lesson about life, to somewhat "distance myself" from things, to always be "on the alert", as you never know what is "just around the corner"! It's amazing how little an event can stick with you through the years. I'm 55 years old.

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