Preston Park Station

Photo:Preston Park Station

Preston Park Station

Looking out for the Brighton Belle

By Wendy Cooper, blind person

This photograph, taken from the Hampstead Road entrance of Preston Park station [brings back vivid memories]. When I was about seven or eight my brother worked in London and used to travel up to London by train from Preston Park station every day. I also used to go train spotting and this was a great place to spot the trains and watch the Brighton Belle coming into Brighton. Later on this was my route to school. I used to walk under the tunnel at Preston Park station down to Preston road and then up the other side of the hill.

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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Looking at this photograph, it appears that the station has undergone quite a few changes since I lived nearby in the 1940s. Where have all the station buildings, and especially the gas lamps, gone? Old George would come out and light all the lamps about dusk. We little horrors would wait until he got back into the subway then put them out again. The air would turn a much darker shade of blue than it is in this photo!
By Raymond Bird (29/09/2004)
I remember the station very well, at only 3, 4, 5 years of age. I lived at 53, Hampstead Road, and would often train-spot with my mum. I also would walk to Preston Park School every day, till a few years later I also had to cross the London Road and walk up the other side, the road that ran by the side of Preston Park, to my new school.
By Brian Smith (11/07/2009)

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