Admiral Napier

Photos: then and now

Elm Grove, previously Flying Pig, Sun, now Cornerstone.

Photo:Admiral Napier

Admiral Napier

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre



Photo by Mike Snewin

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Nice to see the place restored to brick, that aweful yellow of the sun was a terrible eyesore.
By Lenny (08/01/2005)
This is unique in being a pub I only went in once and then only for 30 seconds. In 1977 my dad was ill in Brighton General and my brother came up to see him. He was an army sergeant serving in Belfast, then at the depths of the Troubles. We walked in, he said 'Its full of Irishmen' and we quickly walked out and ended up in the Rose Hill Tavern.
By Geoffrey Mead (27/02/2006)

Good old pub and nice beer.

By Chris Nettley (01/11/2009)

It's now The Admiral! How these names change and come back around!

By Claire (19/08/2014)

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