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Photo:The Queen Anne

The Queen Anne

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

Photo:The Standard

The Standard

Photo by Mike Snewin

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Also used to be known as 'Swifts' around 1990.
By Kat (28/10/2005)

Cor! what memories...Saturday night in 'Swifts' in the 70s, the bars were awash with Brighton's equivalent of Essex girls, all little black numbers and black stilettos. It was a standard precursor to a night at 'The Suite' across the road. The overcrowding was ridiculous and converstation impossible. A proper West St Saturday night pub.

By Geoffrey Mead (27/02/2006)

I don't believe it! We first met purely by chance in this pub in October 1979 - I was on a boys' night out with some fellow RN shipmates, pulled into Brighton Marina for the one night on a sail-training yacht from Gosport - Kim on a girly night out with her fellow nurses from West Sussex County Hospital. We married in 1981 and, nearly 30 years later, I was googling for some nostalgia pics for our "memoires" & found this! Agree with Geoff's comment above - it was a miracle I trapped Kim as neither of us could hear a word that was said between us! (But managed to scribble her phone number!) ... The rest is history!

By Steve & Kim (08/10/2010)

I was a trainee chef at the Queen Anne back in the 70s. Mad busy place, long hours - very long - and rubbish wages. Proper lock-ins though and great fun.

By Kriss Bell (23/10/2013)

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