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Photo:Windmill pub

Windmill pub

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

Photo:Windmill pub, Upper North Street, 2004

Windmill pub, Upper North Street, 2004

Photo by Mike Snewin

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Delighted to see these photos as my maternal grandmother was the licensee of the Windmill in the very early 1900s. A new-found family member sent me the photo as it was back then, but good to see how it looks now. Another example of what a great site this is! Many thanks.
By Jean (27/11/2004)
This takes its name from the Vine's Mill that lay further up the hill, near Vine Place. One of a series of mills in this area, there were more along Dyke Road on the breezy ridge and a really big one, Hodson's Black Mill, in West Hill Street (site now of Mill Cottages?). In the 1970s I worked near here and drank there of an evening, a real Brighton student boozer - with all that that implies! The landlord could not have been more different; white shirt, blazer, military tie, Brylcreemed hair! He must have hated all his clientele, who were all (apart from me!) Univ of Sussex 70s students. He eventually moved to the Royal Sovereign in Preston St which had a much more saloon bar crowd.
By Geoffrey Mead (27/02/2006)

The Windmill used to be a regular haunt back in the late 80s/early 90s. Most vivid memory is watching England's World Cup semi final defeat to Germany in 1990 crammed into the tiny back bar.  

By Iain Read (15/11/2014)

I would be very interested in piecing together some of the history of The Windmill if anyone can help me?

By Rosie (11/09/2017)

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