Foresters Arms

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Photo:Photograph of the Foresters Arms

Photograph of the Foresters Arms

Photo from the Brighton History Centre

Photo:Photograph of where the Foresters Arms used to be

Photograph of where the Foresters Arms used to be

Photo by Sue Craig

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There are not many old pubs that were around in the time when I was growing up that I don't know - between 1950 and 1960. I remember people used to talk about the Forresters a lot because they had one of the best darts teams in the town.

By Kathleen Catt (nee Cornford) (08/04/2011)

The landlady was called Gwen, and I had my first pint in there; beer and ice-cream soda shandy. Although under age, she served a little 'team` of us. Dave Freeland, Turkey Hardwick, Charlie Saunders, Cocoa, Peter Turner, and Bobby Standing. Many times it was Girls v Boys - The gang of girls were called the buzz gang. Queen Jean, Zena, Freda, Joan, Gwen and Stella. 

By Charlie Bull (19/04/2014)

Just to add to the Girls v Boys - I should have pointed out - We played cricket in the area in front of the Milner Flats.

By Charlie Bull (20/04/2014)

My great, great grandparents James and Emma Stevens ran the Star Tavern at no.95 Carlton Hill, a few doors down from the Foresters Arms. They started in early 2970s to the mid 1920s. The Star Tavern was on the corner of Sun Street and Carlton Hill. (Hi Paul, not sure the start date of your grandparents tenure was in the 2970s! Let us know what decade you meant and we will amend it. Cheers, Editing Team)

By Paul (11/01/2018)