I Go Inn

I Go Inn: then and now

Standing at number 8 Rock Street, this pub was formerly known as the Hervey Arms.

Photo:I Go Inn

I Go Inn

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

Photo:I Go Inn

I Go Inn

Photo by Sue Craig

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Had some great nights in here in the very early eighties with my mates, it was called The Hervey in those days

By Anady (06/01/2008)

I've been a regular, using this pub for 3 years. It does get a bit rowdy especially but the landlord and staff cope with it easily. A lot better than it used to be. Don't judge it by the way it used to be and its reputation. Very family freindly now. Give it a go.

By Grant Hedley (17/03/2009)

Once the Whitehawk Inn shut down it left a lot of us looking for a 'home'. The I Go never matched up. Had a few good drinks in there with Ronnie Davis (RIP), but never really took to the place.

By Paul Hubbard (22/03/2009)

Family friendly is certainly not what this pub is. There is violence every weekend, usually on a Friday. A big group had a fight outside on Sunday and damaged two cars. The landlord didn't care at all and was heard laughing about it all after the police left. It is just full of people that turn on each other after a few hours and start fights, cause a disturbance and damage other peoples property and leave. Awful place. I can't understand why these people go out with each other and then end up wanting to kill each other after a few drinks. This pub is to be avoided. Its reputation is not from the past, it is what it is because of ongoing trouble, it's worse now than ever.

By Rock Street resident (15/04/2009)
My grandparents managed this pub in the late 1930's early 40's. They apparently had problem customers then but nothing granddad couldn't handle.
By John Mason (04/07/2009)

Hooray, the I Go Inn is dead, but, oh dear, what has it been replaced with? Yuck!

By LC (18/01/2010)

It has been replaced with a friendly little bistro that serves fantastic food at affordable prices and amazing cocktails in really lovely surroundings. No more fights, no more drunk Neanderthals roaming the streets. I'm a regular and I love it. It's what this area has needed for a long time. Yuck? Maybe you prefer The Rock?

By Rock Street resident (23/05/2010)

With reference to Anady, the first comment here, I too had some lovely times at the Hervey early eighties. Old friends Ray Toovey, Chris White, Andy McBean, Nick, Archie... I met my Dutch wife there whilst she was on holiday just as I had finished Uni. We live in Cardiff now and would love to hear from anyone from the good old days. Landlords were Mike & Jackie.

By Phill Anstice (20/05/2012)

If any of my old pals who used the Hervey in the very early 80s read this, let me know. Get in touch via my e-mail below... it would be great to find some of you.  phillanstice@gmail.com

By Phill Anstice (from Wales) (29/05/2012)

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