Kensington: then and now

The Kensington, Kensington Gardens - now called Garden's (sic) but quite why they have chosen to use an apostrophe in the new name is a mystery!

Photo:The Kensington then

The Kensington then

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

Photo:The Kensington now

The Kensington now

Photo by Mike Snewin

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Ah, the Kensington - so that was its 'real' name! I only ever used to know this place as the Yahoo pub because the clientele reminded me of Swift's. All the same it was a great boozer not many years ago, somewhere ANYone at all could feel comfortable. They threw away the mould when they cast its last landlord; one night when I was there he distributed a packet of clothes pegs around the bar by attaching them to people's clothing as they passed or when they weren't looking. What a shame it's now just like every other bar in Brighton. Sadly missed.
By Nicky (08/01/2005)

Nicky is right, this classic back street boozer has now been given a silly name and is festooned with hanging baskets of greenery, just like every other bar in Brighton, as Nicky says.

By Adrian Baron (07/06/2007)

The Gardens has changed hands again and is now The White Rabbit.

By Leo (06/02/2008)

My local for many a long year when the Caston Family ran it. It was smashing pub then, and everyone was made to feel welcome. John Caston worked as a photographer for the Argus. From memory, it was him who took most of the pictures for The Argus, when the old Hove Town Hall was ablaze.

By Geoff Wells (27/12/2009)

I was a frequent visitor here during my student days in the mid '70s. I liked that it was a very ordinary, unpretentious pub, with bar billiards and a pool table. Sounds like it's very different now.

By Steve (11/11/2015)

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