Queen's Park

Photo:The drinking fountain in 1905

The drinking fountain in 1905

Photo:The drinking fountain in 2003

The drinking fountain in 2003

Photo:Close-up of one of the dragon carvings on the drinking fountain

Close-up of one of the dragon carvings on the drinking fountain

Images reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council

The Drinking Fountain

A year after the Park was opened to the public a drinking fountain was placed in the Park as a memorial to the Race Stand Trustees who donated the park to the people of Brighton.

Names on the fountain

Also on the fountain are the names of the Recreation Grounds Committee 1891-2, the Head Gardener, Mr.Ward, and the Borough Surveyor, Mr.May, who drew up the plans for the Park. The dedication of the fountain took place on the 14th October 1893.

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Interesting. Was the fountain ever moved? It's just that in the 1905 photo it seems to be raised, with a slope leading up to it from either side, when I know in reality now it's on a levelled off section as you walk down through the park.

By Gary Christer (18/10/2007)

Does anyone remember the tunnel under the water fountain? We used to hide there when the Mad Dogs used to chase us. I think the tunnel linked up to the Xaverian college.

By Bill Potter (29/05/2013)

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