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Photo by Morgan Nichols

Madison - Alternative is normal in Brighton

By Morgan Nichols

From Wales to Brighton
Originally from rural Wales, where she felt "really stuck", Madison, 19, moved to Brighton about eighteen months ago. Madison is involved in a lot of different music scenes, including drum 'n bass and break beat. She enjoys clubbing all around Brighton and also occasionally in London. Madison recently completed a course in making electronic music.

Madison is passionate about her appearance and how it expresses her difference. She enjoys "expressing creativity" with her outfits and makeup.

Striking appearance
A first impression of Madison is striking: she has a lot of body markings, for example an extensive arm tattoo, an enlarged earlobe, several piercings, and some scarification.

I was curious to find out the difference between being 'alternative' in Wales versus parading your stuff in Brighton. Madison had some surprising insights. "In Wales, I enjoyed looking different more - I enjoyed the attention. People were friendly, they seemed to appreciate me dressing up.I also got abuse hurled at me - but it made my day so enjoyable. It's like being famous wherever you go."

And, she added: "Sometimes I got compliments. I enjoyed baring my soul to everyone and showing them who I am. In Brighton it's so normal to look alternative, it's not cool to comment on how amazing people look - people are more hostile here. It doesn't have as much impact here. If I dressed as extreme here as I used to, people would still stare. I stare and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It's nice just to realize that person's there."

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