The sea

A poem

By René Dee

The sea is green, black and blue;
It takes on every kind of hue.
It is calm, rough and stormy;
It can get wild, wet and horny!

The sea will surprise and shock
If you put your head on its block;
Sailors respect it with their lives in its hands,
The sea never forgives; swallows all in its sands.

The sea spray will swirl and sting as it flails
Like the mariner's ghosts with horrible tales.
To die in the sea, whether in storm or in calm,
Invokes terrible fear and irreparable harm.

The sea can beguile and also bewitch,
Its hypnotic rhythm is difficult to switch.
Lulls you into a false sense of security;
Carries you away with its stark beauty.

When its edges lap the shore in gentle waves
As young children play, amongst others graves,
It submits, to give in temporarily
Only to return later: tempestuously.

The sea is a paradise, a wonder and a boon;
Its moods governed simply by the moon,
Incessantly reaching for Armageddon
Like some demented and terminal dragon.

The sea is forever eroding our shores
Like a pack of very busy whores.
We're at their mercy, we're at their might;
One day there'll be no more Isle of White.

The sea is inspiring, exciting, living;
Never still, forever changing
The sea is a magnet and draws us ever closer,
To quest the ultimate challenge to conquer.

Vain hope and arrogant expectations,
Thousands before have tried, in Titanic proportions.
The sea does not give up its superior hold
To mere man, who would venture so bold.

Written September 2001 Brighton

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