Shanklin Road

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Memories: visiting an aunt in the 1940s

By Janis Ravenett

"It was Sunday morning and Bert and I were off to visit Auntie Flo in Shanklin Road...The house was very much larger than our house and it sparkled and shone with polish and shiny paintwork. The smell was a gorgeous mixture of polish, disinfectant and home baking, which enveloped you as you entered the front door. Over the door was a sign which said DULCE DOMEN and at the top of the basement stairs a framed copy of the poem from which this name was taken. Auntie Flo said that it meant "sweet home" and number nine was certainly that. We never had to ring the bell or anything forbidding or doubtful like that. Our welcome was always assured. We just used to turn up and walk in, calling out when we reached the top of the stairs."

From the QueenSpark Book Snapshots, by Janis Ravenett
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