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I have been trying to find where the family had lived in Brighton for many years and came across this site with the pictures of Brighton quite by chance two days ago. The photos are brilliant as is the write up but it shook me to the core to see such vivid detail of the life my ancesters had lived. The lifestyle we have today could not even have been a dream for them but I like to think they would be so proud that their relatives have made good. Life for them was quite obviously hard, cold and damp - no wonder so many died young.
By M. E. Long (17/11/2004)

At the moment I am studying an English course at adult education level. At present our studies involve Brighton in 1936. This website is so useful for my studies, it has helped me build a better background towards what Brighton looked like and what it was really like in those days.

By Tony Vitulli (26/09/2010)

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