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Photo:Remains of snow in Southover Street in the winter of 1968.

Remains of snow in Southover Street in the winter of 1968.

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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I would have been 6 when this picture was taken, iwas born in Scotland Street & moved round the corner into Southover Street in January 1970 and I am still there to this day. I remember the bad snow of 1968 even though I was only very young, it was almost impossible to get up and down the hill with my Mum.

By Keith Golding (21/06/2009)

As you look down Southover Street the shop on the left was Mr and Mrs Pearson's newsagents, further down on the right you can see the little sub electric station fence and across the road from that is where Mr and Mrs Simpson's TV and radio shop door is on the corner of Hanover Terrace and Southover Street which was attached to the house that I lived in. If memory serves me right the shop on the right next to the pub was Stan's barbers where you got your hair cut and men could get a shave and brush up. The wall on the left corner of Newhaven Street and Southover Street was the brewery. I can remember this being built after the pub on that corner was pulled down. If only I could turn back the clock of life they were very happy days of my life in that area. P.S the best snow was in 1963.

By Donald Waller (06/07/2011)

That is my childhood in one shot.  It was the view from my scooter at the top of my road.  Lived at 58 Lincoln Street from 1967 - 1975.

By Richard (20/11/2016)

I was born at 50 Hanover Terrace in 1956, just along the road on the right where the sub station is in the picture. My mother, Nina Pirolli, was also born in the same road in 1935. We moved to Cobden Road off Islingword Road in '68 and I left to go on many travels in '78! Last year I went back for the first time in 20 years; has hardly changed, everything seemed so small and crowded. Wonderful memories of growing up in a much better, simple time!

By Peter Paolella (12/11/2017)

I remember when I got my first job with the DHSS at Boundary Road Hove, I used to walk down and up Southover Street to catch a bus at the Level everyday. As soon as I was 16 and got my prov license, I bought a scooter to ride to and from work. I used to love to take a run at the hill on the way home and go full speed in 3rd gear up to Islingword Street and turn left to get home to Cobden Road. That love of freedom on two wheels never left me and I have always ridden from those days. These days I have a huge 1600 cc black and chrome Harley with 18 inch apehangers, but I will never forget the thrill of hammering up Southover street on my Lambretta. I wish I could turn back the clock to those carefree days although I can't complain now. I guess I miss being young and my beloved Mum and Dad.

By Peter Paolella (14/11/2017)