Jillian Bloom

Photo:Jillian Bloom

Jillian Bloom

Photo from the private collection of Jillian Bloom

Ice skater in the 1950s

By Roy Adams

Jillian Bloom was one of the ladies who appeared in Tom Arnold's ice shows at the Brighton Ice Rink during the 1950s. She remained with that Company for many years, having skated with Gloria Nord, Bill Christopher and many other well-known stars from the skating world.

She achieved her inter-silver in both free skating and ice dance.  In her early years she appeared in many advertisements for movies. She also took part in a Douglas Fairbanks Jnr film, and worked as a model for the P & O Lines. Later she joined an interior design company where she worked for 36 years.

Now retired, Jillian remains active through skating, with some valuable guidance and tuition from her great friend, George Miller, who has also appeared in many ice shows.

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