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Any special memories of the Scented Garden, or of St Anne's Well Gardens in general? 'Wired', a local drama group, will be performing a piece in the Scented Garden in the May 2006 Brighton Festival, and we would love to hear your stories - short, long, romantic, bizarre ... or anything really.
By Matthew (28/02/2006)

I will try to be as discreet, gallant and temperate as I can in my words, not only to spare my blushes and that of the reader but also the young lady concerned. Let me simply say that my teenage education was greatly assisted by the presence of the shelter in the scented gardens late on Friday nights in 1967. The street light on Somerhill Road was JUST enough to light the scene adequately and exquisitely...! More than that I will not say...

By Tony Hagon (22/05/2007)