St Anne's Well

Photo:St Anne's Well Gardens

St Anne's Well Gardens

Photo by Jack Latimer

The best park in Brighton and Hove

By Maisey, aged 4, schoolchild

I like going to St Anne's Well Gardens as it is the best park in Brighton and Hove. It has squirrels, and a shop that sells drinks, sweets and lollies. It also has the best slide and playthings. My Dad says it was his favourite park when he was little like me; that is why he takes me there. We drive past lots of parks just to get there.

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Was their a childen's home over the road from here about 22 years ago?

By Adella (13/08/2008)

There was a children's home in the area in the early 1960s. Somewhere near Wick Hall and Furze Croft.

By Renia Simmonds nee Lambor (02/05/2009)

There are some comments about this home below the introduction on the area page for St Ann's Well.

By Pat Benham (11/06/2009)

I used to go there as a child and a grown up- what a nice place. I miss the area as I now live in Arbroath, Scotland and have done for forty years.

By Pat O'Hara (18/08/2012)

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