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Brighton Piers - a project for schools

By Mike Snewin

This web project focuses on the history of Brighton and Hove, specifically the various piers that have graced the seafront over the years. The main function of the project is to make students aware of (and hopefully appreciate!) local history by introducing them to the wealth of information currently available on the 'My Brighton & Hove' website.

There are THREE separate but similarly constructed exercises which are differentiated in terms of their complexity (documents attached at the bottom of this page):

Worksheet A: focuses solely on the history of the Brighton (formerly Palace) Pier.
Worksheet B: encourages students to compare/contrast the two (West & Palace) piers.
Worksheet C: asks students to research the long since departed Chain Pier.

Each websheet contains an initial research task which requires the students to browse the 'My Brighton and Hove' website searching for information. There is then a follow-up drawing task which should give those who complete the first task something to do while the slower members of the group catch up. It is suggested that a plenary session be held so that students can report their findings and compare their answers.

The author has trialed these exercises at various local schools and suggests that the best way to exploit the material available is to pair students sympathetically for the first task so that the exercise becomes more interactive with students discussing/negotiating the information required.

It would be appreciated if, having tried these exercises with your students, you could email the author with your comments and suggestions for improving the worksheets.

Thank you!

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