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Thomas Read Kemp

Notes and queries: where is he buried?

I am going on a trip to Paris soon and would be most grateful if anybody could give me any information on where Thomas Kemp's final resting place is located.
From K Underhill
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Response 1

According to Thomas Kemp was "Buried in Pière-la-chaise graveyard". This is actually Pière-Lachaise cemetery, where hundreds of famous artists, writers, musicians, statesmen etc. lie buried; I suppose most famously (from a British perspective) Oscar Wilde. It is a major tourist attraction and covers many acres, however, with hundreds of gravestones, memorials and mausolea, and you could easily spend all day searching without success. You could perhaps try contacting the authorities there to see if they have an index of burials - good luck.
From Philip Rance
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Response 2

According to Tim Carder, Thomas Read Kemp died on 20 December 1844 at 64 Rue de Fauborg Saint-Honore and is buried at Pière-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
From Sue Craig
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Response 3

I was told it was in Pière-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. I spent all of a bitterly cold day on Jan 1st 1999 tramping miles around it with two different (and not free!) burial plans. All to no avail...but a great place all the same!
From Geoffrey Mead
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I'd be very interested to know where this picture is from and are there any other images of him?

By David Kemp (10/01/2007)

I photographed his monument in Pere la Chaise, having tracked down its precise location via the Mairie de Paris archives. It is in better condition than that of his second wife Fanny who is buried in Woodbury Park Cemetery, Tunbridge Wells, and who must have erected the Paris monument as she was with him and their small son in Paris when he died. I am keen to find out more about her life
I took a look at 64 rue Faubourg St Honore which is right opposite the British and American Embassies but (unless the street has been renumbered) that particular edifice seems to have been rebuilt, perhaps after the ravages of war

By June Bridgeman (01/08/2008)

Can't think why everyone has a problem with the spelling of the cemetery, which is Père Lachaise. See, among over 2 million refs, Curiously, the cemetery website at: which includes a virtual tour, yields no result for 'Kemp'. Hmmmm ....

By Douglas d'Enno (31/05/2011)

Does anyone know if Thomas Read Kemp was related to a William Kent from Deal in Kent and Skegness? His daughter Eliza J Kemp was my Gr Gr Grandmother.

By Ron Kemp (18/09/2012)

I walked by Thomas Kemp's grave at the Père Lachaise cemetary a couple of years ago. If anyone cares to ask me I could probably find the exact location. Michael Neal Paris / France

By Michael Neal (05/02/2013)

Probably all who visit this website often would like to know more about his grave/location in Paris. A page with a photo of it would be good!

By Peter Groves (06/02/2013)

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