First impressions of Brighton

Photo:John and Ellinor

John and Ellinor

Photo by Louise Halvardsson

John and Ellinor

By John and Ellinor

John and Ellinor are Swedish and live in the Brighton Station area.

Special Brighton atmosphere
"It was raining when I came here." says Ellinor. "Yeah, the climate was damp and the Guiness had a weak taste." John adds. "But today the sun is shining and we are sitting in a park, talking about the special Brighton atmosphere."

People so inviting
"In Sweden everything is just closed, says Ellinor. The shops, the people...I remember one of my first nights in Brighton, we were walking around among strange houses in the middle of the night...And people were so inviting!" John finds it remarkable that Brighton is so safe, even if it's quite a big city. "I never feel scared when I walk home at night. People stop you and ask if you've had a good time."

Attitude of acceptance
The attitude is also the main reason for John and Ellinor to stay in Brighton. "It's so different from other places. Not just because of the gay culture...But people don't care about your age, your nationality or what job you've got."

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