Street Traders

Photo:Anna-Nina, palmist

Anna-Nina, palmist

Photo taken by Zoe Bradford

Anna-Nina, palmist

Anna-Nina has practised palm reading in East Street for 2 years. She says it's the traders who make it a good place. They look after each other and are always happy to help passers-by. It's relaxed atmosphere which attracts tourists and it's very child friendly. Walking through East Street, listening to the jazz band and watching the traders slows you down. Her husband Trevor (reading in the background of the picture), who promotes inner joy and peace, agrees that being on East Street is like being part of a community.

Interviewed by Zoe Bradford, May 2004
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A really interesting topic, I didn't know the same street traders were there all the time. I thought of them as different people moving around. Nice and short interviews.

By Louise H. (25/07/2004)