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Photo:Underwater shot of West Pier structure

Underwater shot of West Pier structure

By Sean Clark

Unique view of the West Pier

By Sean Clark, diver and photographer.

This is a general shot of the West Pier from underneath - the angle that no-one usually gets to see. I'm crouched right down at the base of the pile taking the shot.

What you're looking at is a pile leg of the pier. It's been recently fixed - you can see the new jacket that was installed. Just behind it is the sunlight coming through a hole in the decking.

Pretty much within a week or so, you'll get marine growth - it's that quick. We had to clean these piles, and already you can see things growing back on them.

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Fantastic pictures. I didn't know that anyone kept a record of this. Well done.

By Duffy Watkins (05/02/2011)

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