Underwater tour

Photo:Sean wearing diving helmet

Sean wearing diving helmet

Photograph by Sean Clark

A self portrait

By Sean Clark, diver and photographer

The diving equipment I use is a commercial diving set-up. Scuba's not allowed for professional work underwater for most jobs.

This is self-portrait of me in something called a Superlite 27, which is a hard diving helmet. If something did fall on my head, or I bumped into something - it's not going to impale me. Which is a likely risk down there - it's lethal.

It's made of a hard fibre-glass shell, with a pressure-proof faceplate. Just underneath there you can see a neck dam, which is like a toilet-seat, effectively. You put it over your head and that forms a waterproof seal.

Air gets fed to you by an umbilical cord, which you can see coming over the back there. People think that divers breathe oxygen, but they don't - they breathe air.

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