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Photo:A view of the University of Sussex campus

A view of the University of Sussex campus

A lovely place to work

By Pat

The place I've chosen is the University of Sussex campus because it's where I work and it's a lovely place. The campus has been quite important to me while Kitty's been growing up. When she's been off school I've taken her with me with her roller blades, and sometimes a friend, and she's been able to scoot around. The roads are all round the outside so it's very safe and it's great for a child to have that kind of freedom.

Kitty would go off and play and come back in an hour, have a drink and then go off again until lunchtime. As she was usually on her blades it meant that she couldn't really get up to any mischief - it was enough for her to skate about all day. It's difficult when you're working and conflicts with childcare arise but in this way it's been turned to an advantage for us.

Everytime I consider changing my job I think about how much I'd miss the campus. It's a lovely environment to work in with open spaces and well designed buildings. There are places to explore - walkways, slopes, covered bits and it's all well maintained. I was so pleased to come here from London - it's such a contrast and the University has been an important part of our family.

From the 'Lesser Heard Voices' project, 2003
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I worked at the University of Sussex for 4 years. I hated every minute of it. I walked out in the end.

By Harry Beesborough (19/03/2007)

The University is by the A27 so goodness knows how it is good for kids to play and the amount of bullying and harassment was unbelievable when I was there a couple of years ago. It was full of pot holes too. Was it another place?

By HB (19/03/2007)

Yes I agree - not to mention the bitchiness of the women and the gossiping of the men in the Administrative block

By Elaine (25/03/2007)

Yes, yes, but in terms of the campus itself, it's hard to think of a more tranquil and safe place with such city proximity anywhere... And yes, you get social inepts everywhere...even on kibbutz ...x

By John Boam (18/12/2007)

Bitchiness in the admin block - tell me about it - not to mention the computer hacking and the "equal opportunities policy" which is a joke. If you are thinking of applying to this place for work - forget it - it is a lie. It boils down to "look after Number one" and that includes Faculty - a totally selfish environment. A nasty place - go elsewhere. For Nutters Only.

By CC (20/01/2010)

I worked at the university for 4 years. It will always have a special place in my heart because I met my husband there. The campus is beautiful all year round. Fond memories.

By HW (08/08/2010)

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