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11 December, 2001

This week, we thought we'd find a Christmas tree in Stanmer Park, but apparently they all blew down in 1987! Well, at least we got a card!

20 November, 2001

This week, after a stroll down memory lane towards the beach in the 1930's, we warmed up at the old fire kilns in Norfolk Square.

13 November, 2001
With winter setting in, we've been exposed to the elements this week - a windmill at Copperas Gap and a personal view of the beach.

18 September, 2001
This week we're taking a ride over Newmarket Hill and wandering along a tourist-free beach with two local residents. And then (to get away from the rain) we went inside Spitfire House and explored Lyndhurst Road further.

13 September 2001
This week we've been reliving the past in Preston Manor, and discovering an old railway station near Lyndhurst Road. Can anyone shed light on a tunnel under the Town Hall? And as a reward for all contributions, we're offering free Dreamweaver training. Anyone interested?

31st August, 2001
Last week a mystery cat, this week it's badgers. Find out about the badger sculpture in Stanmer Park. And does anyone have memories of the Neptune Inn in Hove?

23rd August, 2001
The tale of a mystery cat. Old photos and paintings of Brighton Racecourse and Brunswick Square. And all you ever wanted to know about pebbles, courtesy of our queries message-board.

16th August, 2001
More old photos of Brighton Pier, and more queries answered (see Upper North Street and Western Road). Oh -and yes - spot the new poll on our home page!

7th August, 2001
Images and history of the Royal Pavilion! Plus new material on Queens Park, Brighton Pier, Black Rock and Kensington Gardens!

31st July, 2001
Our new 'notes and queries' discussion board is now up. Post a query! New information about Preston Park, the Sea Life Centre, and the London Road railway viaduct. And we're starting on a section about Moulsecoomb....but need to add more. Information, please!

23th July, 2001
New material on the West about the changing face of Brighton and Hove in July...a personal view of Patcham Clock Tower....and more of your queries answered. We're still offering free training sessions on internet skills!

16th July, 2001
Free training sessions on internet skills! A ghost story about St Helen's church in Hangleton. And memories of Hanningtons department store and the Astoria cinema, as part of the changing face of Brighton and Hove.

27 June, 2001
We're trying out a feature about the changing face of the city - Hanningtons is closing, for example. More notes and queries, including a query from Sweden about Phoebe Hessel. And a message about Brighton Beach, New York. Any other Brightons and Hoves round the world? Let us know.

22 June, 2001
What's new? Apart from sunshine...An underwater tour, created by a diver who worked on the restoration of the West Pier! And a query about Adelaide Mansions...

13 June, 2001
Labour has won the General Election. Queries answered about the A23 and Percival Terrace...more personal views of St Bartholomew's church and the North Laine... looking for old friends in William Street...a mystic link about the Old Steine...

6 June, 2001
A schoolboy query about famous Brighton people...a painted house in Hanover Terrace...personal views of St Bartholomew's church and the North Laine... notes and queries about lost ancestors and seaside hotels....

28 May, 2001
More information about the Old Steine....queries about Goldstone Road and Upper North Street.... praise for Brighton Marina...

14 May, 2001
We're getting more and more e-mails...memories of Shanklin Road....a romantic query about Hove Town Hall... Sign up for our e-mail list! And we're having an Open Evening on May 22nd ! Coming soon - the Underwater Tour of Brighton's West Pier!

27 April, 2001
The artist's tour of Brighton, specialising in deckchairs. A complete list of places featured on this website - add your own! New notes and queries - including a request for historic photos of the seaside.

20 April, 2001
More notes and queries about the history of places in Brighton and Hove, including a romantic request about Hove Town Hall! Can you help? Also a new place chosen by a man who opened his house as an art gallery.

16 April, 2001
We're getting more and more queries about the history of places in Brighton and Hove, and our researchers do their best to answer them. To see the latest notes and queries - go here!
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Hope you had a good Easter!

1 April, 2001
The most popular tour of Brighton in the original 'My Brighton' exhibit was created by a local schoolchild. We've now put it online.
Welcome to April!

18 March, 2001
This site now features a search facility. If you are suitably stunned, we also now have a guestbook !

24 February, 2001
Two new favoured places this week - Gamley's toy shop and the Sealife Centre! We still want your nominations for other places of interest in Brighton and Hove!

And here are our responses to a query about Wykeham Terrace - a history of Leo Sayer and squatters! Any other queries about Brighton and Hove's history?

It's nearly goodbye to February!

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