Vere Road

Photo:A photo of painted doors in Vere Road, Brighton

A photo of painted doors in Vere Road, Brighton

Painted doors

By Christel, French visitor

The doors in Brighton. I like them because of the symmetry and the colours and the way that the houses are built. They are all the same but not the same - very personalised - one door is yellow and the door on the other side is blue and I like that. It's like a game, like someone wanting to have a different house from the one next door. I've never seen that in France. It's very English.

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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Many years ago, when a student, I worked for the Post Office at Christmas. One of my roads was Vere Road and I had a postman as a mentor. I couldn't quite work out his particular interest in the mail for Vere Road, until I discovered that his girlfriend used to write to him at No 13 - which doesn't exist!
By Martin Nimmo (30/06/2004)

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