West Street

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West Street

My great-grandfather, some character

By Steve Ovett

This is an extract from an interview with a Brighton fisherman. It comes from the QueenSpark Book, Catching Stories.

"We were all born in Chuters Gardens, West Street, apart from Peter, the youngest, who was born in Frederick Street. All we had there was a big room downstairs in the cottage up there. There were eleven cottages there, we lived at No.9.

My great-grandfather had lived in it before us and the stories going back to him, he never went out drinking, but he used to sit indoors and send his wife over to the pub with a jug and he would sit indoors and get drunk. He would never have his trousers on, he used to get out of bed, come downstairs, have his food and get drunk with his long drawers on. Anyway that was my great-grandfather, some character."

From an interview with Steve Ovett, in the QueenSpark Book 'Catching Stories'
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