Win Haymon's memories

VE day celebrations

An interview with Win Haymon

I can remember the celebrations of VE day.

Walking up North Street there were people dancing and kissing one another, some people were crying, some were waving flags, banging dustbin lids and blowing whisltes.

I managed to get to the Clock Tower and saw a boy I knew sitting on top of it, in a child's white nightdress and wearing a baby's bonnet on his head, waving a flag and sucking a dummy!  The crowds packed West Street.  Someone had started a bonfire there, when the fire brigade arrived the crowds would not let the engine through.  But common sense soon prevailed and it was able to attend, but the crowds climbed all over the engine.

The day was quite overwhelmin.  The pubs were bursting at the seams and the singing and laughter was a joy to hear. The day was also tinged with sadness as our boys were still fighting in the Far East for victory in Japan was still to come. Many mothers gave up their rations to give the children street parties which went on all week.

Win Haymon was interviewed by Laine Greenland

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