First impressions of Brighton

My lovely, lovely Brighton

By Arianna

I spent just two weeks in Brighton last summer, to improve my English (I'm from Italy), and my host family was in Hove. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to live in this wonderful town, I simply fell for the Pier, the prom, the Lanes and the amazing night life! Hove was lovely and Brighton was breath-taking!!! I always suggest my friends to go there, since it actually was the best holiday I've ever had!

The boy of my dreams
And well, most important thing: watching the sunset on the seafront in Brighton with the boy of my dreams was defenitely the most exciting thing! I guess Brighton and Hove remind me some of the best days and feelings of my life, and I will never forget it.... I'll never forget the nights I spent on the Pier with my school, the Royal Pavillion (so odd and so cool indeed :)) and my tiny wonderful house in Hove...And I'll never forget the day I left, when it was raining cats and dogs, "the sky was crying" and I was crying too, cause I was afraid I could never enjoy my staying in any place as I did there...

Back soon
That's why I still have Brighton's postcards hanging in my bedroom and I still think about it almost everytime...And that's why I really hope to come back soon and see my lovely, lovely Brighton at least once again in my life :)

Sorry for my English :) hope you'll forgive me.

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