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The West Pier is a crucial part of Brighton's heritage, its amazing to see that people care about it enough to write stuff like this.
By Martha Adam (18/03/2006)
This is an extremly interesting investigation, it would be fascinating to find out about the Pier during its desolate period and the various attempts at salvaging this once marvelous piece of Brighton's history.
By Mark Collins (18/03/2006)
I think your idea is fantastic Sam, and would be especially awesome for the older local residents who have seen the decline of the pier with their own eyes. Keep up the wicked work.
By Elise (18/03/2006)
This looks like it will be a very worthwhile and interesting project, not just for local residents of Brighton but for everyone.
By Rai (18/03/2006)
I have literally thousands of images on this subject. Check out
By Sean Clark (18/03/2006)
Excellent project to get started. Hope to see many more interesting pictures surface. Best of luck.
By Daniel Golding (19/03/2006)
I have to agree that I think this is a good idea. I have no idea about the history of the West Pier apart from what you get in school! And I'm too young to have seen it in action.
By Ben Rajan (19/03/2006)
Perhaps it would be possible for public and private archives to pool their resources and present a 'Brighton in pictures'? Maybe displaying them at the Brighton Museum?
By Sam Pettit (19/03/2006)
This is a great idea, as people know about the West Pier's beginning and end, but very few people know about its time during 1975-1996. I would definitly like to know more about it.
By Anonymous (19/03/2006)
I think that's a really good idea. I agree how nobody really sees much of the West Pier before the past few years.
By Jordan Jose (19/03/2006)
A very interesting idea. It's strange seeing the pier alive and well like this. It'd be good to see more types of these photos.
By Chris Brown (19/03/2006)
This looks like a really fun project, I'd be interested to see the middle history of the West Pier, all you really see now is pictures of it burnt out!
By Elly Morris (19/03/2006)
For an excellent history of the West Pier which includes a lot of photographs across the years - please visit this site:!west.htm - It is well worth a visit.
By Editorial Team (19/03/2006)
Top work Sam. As an enthusiast of the pier myself I think this is a noble effort. Keep up the good work.
By Luke 'Chad' Hammond (20/03/2006)
I am aware that the West Pier was a very important part of Brighton's history - but - there is an enormous amount of material already published on the web. Sean Clark, the photographer from Brighton, has absolutly tons of images on his website that chronicle in very great detail the gradual demise of the West Pier - so to do it all over again here would seem a bit of a waste of time. It would seem a bit like reinventing the wheel if you ask me. Plus - many of the background issues are very political and this site is not the place for those sorts of discussions - in my opinion.
By Tony (20/03/2006)
I said in my introduction I wouldn't be retreading the terrority done by Sean. He has only had pictures of the 21st Century pier.
By Sam Cullen (21/03/2006)

Please help.
I'm trying to find a photograph taken of a bird muck covered armchair taken inside the West Pier. A while ago they were being sold on the sea front in Hove and stupidly I didn't buy one at the time. I now live in Lancashire and it's not so easy to pop down to Hove. Any information greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

By James Hallmark (02/03/2008)

I remember taking a night time stroll with some friends along the Brighton seafront in 1986. A storm was approaching across the sea towards Brighton, and we stood by the beautiful, ghostly West Pier watching the lightning and hearing the rumbles coming closer. It was a dramatic scene, and the West Pier looked just wonderful... We still talk about that night. Even derelict, as it was in the 1980s, the West Pier was a lovely structure to behold. Its presence added a great deal to the seafront.

By Andy B (04/10/2009)

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