Credits and links


My Brighton and Hove is created by the contributors to this site and by a team of volunteer editors.

My Brighton and Hove re-design team
The team of volunteers who created the version of the website launched in September 2006 are:

  • Cora Bailey
  • John Ballance
  • Paul Brazier
  • Peter Crowhurst
  • Jo Dimbleby
  • Jennifer Drury
  • Sarah Fitzpatrick
  • Andy Grant
  • Ian Grant
  • Jack Latimer
  • Geoffrey Mead
  • Anne Morrison
  • Tony Mould
  • Terry Nye
  • Ninka Willcock
  • Zoe Woods

My Brighton and Hove 'old site' team
The team of volunteers who maintained the previous My Brighton and Hove website while the new site was being designed are:

  • Roland Matthews
  • Penny Wright
  • Jennifer Drury
  • Anne Morrison
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