Credits and links

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Website design

The My Brighton and Hove website was designed by CommunitySites.

In 2005, two of the founder members of the My Brighton and Hove project set up CommunitySites in order to fund the development of the software on which this site now runs.

CommunitySites software is designed to allow organisations like museums, archives, and community groups to update their websites easily and instantly.  It is tailor-made for contributory sites like My Brighton and Hove which invite website visitors to add their words and photos.

By the time My Brighton and Hove was re-launched on the software in September 2006, other archives and museums were already using the software - including Watford Museum and the National Council of Archives.

CommunitySites will continue to provide and develop the software for My Brighton and Hove free of charge.

This page was added on 21/09/2006.